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  • mqtt

Over 7 years has passed since I released the first version of the MQTT Notification Plugin for Jenkins. It’s not particularly big or clever, but it serves a simple purpose and it was a good excuse to play around with MQTT and Jenkins Plugin development.

Recently* I noticed that users had reported a couple of issues with the plugin, including a fairly critical memory leak. So I dusted off the repository to merge in the pull request, tidy up a few things, and try to remember how to create a release. Fortunately the Jenkins team has been hard at work improving the developer experience over the years, as it’s now much easier than I remember, boiling down to mvn release:prepare release:perform. The Jenkins wiki has also been deprecated for plugin documentation, migrating over to Github pages to follow the “documentation-as-code” approach.

So with that done and a few plugin dependency updates included for good measure I released v1.8 of the plugin. A short while later someone created an issue for an actual feature request, so hopefully it won’t be too long until v1.9 is released!

* Actually the issues were raised several years ago but fell off my radar before I did anything about them! Whoops.